Roya Arab

Iranian Musician and Archaeologist


Mahsa - Persian for ‘like the moon’ - her life criminally cut short; she shone international light on the multiple dark nights for thousands of Iranians since 1979.  
Protests for #mahsaamini and all the other youths being killed have rightfully grown into sustained demonstrations and ubiquitous social condemnation around the world, may the Iranian people’s valiant efforts lead to Equality, Ease, Justice and Peace for all Iranians - regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, financial power and political beliefs.

I dedicate this poem to my sisters in Iran:

Inequality Reigns 
Are you listening, can you hear us now? 
Her case was cut, before she was born, 
Society’s ways she served on trays, 
Tired of smiling, been fooled long enough. 
Multiple faces all wanting answers, 
Check me out, Order me round, 
Check me out, Order me round, 
And I am woman, 
Expect nothing of you man; 
Because I am woman, 
Expect nothing of you man. 
Religion and God, Father and Son, 
Religion and God, Father and Son, 
Lead, mislead, and lead, mislead and lead. 
Scales tip in some lands, in others inequality reigns, 
Inequality rains, inequality rains, inequality rains…. 
Whilst young Iranians sacrifice themselves for freedom, it is tragic to consider that concurrently around the world human security and liberties are being eroded in a constant and swift manner for so many of: 
-Our sisters anywhere in the world the moment they face hunger in their children’s eyes. 
-Our sisters in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Afghanistan, Somalia and other strict patriarchal societies, where women are subjugated by the men in their lives. 
-Our sisters in Russia, Ukraine, Yemen, Tigray and war ridden nations across all the continents where sons, fathers and brothers get physically and mentally wounded or die in battles, sanctioned by men, rooted in power and greed, creating rivers of blood polluting the minds and future of humankind. 
-Our Rohingya and Yazidi sisters, alongside all the other past and present refugees of fascism and war, including our Uyghurs sisters in Chinese camps. 
-Our sisters in Ukraine and Palestine, and other places around the world, where people’s lands are being destroyed and illegally occupied. 
- Our sisters around the world, who have religion forced on them or forced to shed their religious beliefs and practices. No one has the right to force a religion into or out of another human. 
- Our sisters in places such as India and Mexico where increasing numbers of femicide are only matched by decreasing numbers of convictions.  
-Our sisters who are trafficked around the world and forced into sexual slavery. 
-Our sisters anywhere in the world where they must hide their gender and sexuality. 
-Our sisters in the parts of USA who don’t have the right of life in their wombs (even if raped), and any place where women’s bodies are not their own, not forgetting FGM, still on-going for some.  
- Ultimately all our sisters and brothers around the world globe who have had centuries of male-centric politics and religions, with power and economic gain in mind, deflecting and inflecting beauteous human aims and lives whilst wrecking wonderous mother earth. 

(roya arab, Autumn 2022)