Roya Arab

Iranian Musician and Archaeologist

I pieced this together from excerpts of poems I had written (the second sentence was inspired by the second US attack on Iraq, though judging by the third US led illegal invasion in 2005 foolish choices continue), being a Jungle tune resulted in the words being moved around for the song, below is the complete poem

Rainbows of Colour (Arab, Grooverider, Optical)

Rainbows of colour
With a tilt in the head

Marching feet descending steeply
On hills subsiding
Residue, not sound, of foolish choice

Spiralling minds ascending
Ever seeking, defying empty gains
Awaiting heaven’s breath

As lady time’s gentle whisper
Like a breeze, if not a storm
Righting wrongs

So enchanted earth
Time’s infinite motion
So enchanted earth
It’s infinite motion
Rare notions
Love filled potions
Soothe the way

Rainbows of Colour
Shadows of the past better left behind