Roya Arab

Iranian Musician and Archaeologist

I had been humming this Grace Jones tune for years and Leila really liked it so I wrote new lyrics for it and we recorded it. The original lyrics are in italics.

Different time (R.Arab, L. Arab, Jones, Woolley)

Had we met at a different time, we’d be perfect for each other
Now we’re wasting all our time, In this world apart together

Tick tock heart’s clock
Measuring emotion
Tick tock heart’s clock
Measure emotion
Each journey of love

Long enough for me to caress your head
And make you feel alright
Time to heal/teach
Bond unforged by the charm of the new

I’m not perfect, but I am perfect for you
I’m not perfect, but I am perfect for you

You never needed to try
I knew all about you, been told
So I kept some secret place to myself

To care and to be as a part of a thing
Da di ra Da di ra

In a box wrapped in purple ribbon
On a sea so wide and gleaming
Set sail secret sense
Waves carry away, safe place to rest
Safe place to rest

Why do I feel, maybe you were my dear
Some place else, some time….time.