Roya Arab

Iranian Musician and Archaeologist

2022- 8 Nov -Presenting paper ‘By Whom, Why and How will Zanzibar’s history be told’ at ’Crossings in the Indian Ocean Memory and Heritage Conference’ at the State University of Zanzibar
9 Nov - Chairing Session 3 with keynote speaker Prof Farouk Topan.

2015- till present day - continue to curate and assist in creating events to celebrate the cultures of Iran and MENA.

2014- Partner and Member of Nour Festival (RBKC) Steering Committee. Organising cultural events celebrating the culture of MENA regions.

2014- Renewed tenure as Honorary Research Assistant at the ‘Institute of Archaeology’, UCL.

2013 - Partner and Member of Nour Festival (RBKC) Steering Committee. Organising workshops and masterclasses on music, calligraphy, art, story telling, an evening of Persian culture and an academic panel on Iran’s music.

2012 - Created a Digital catalogue for an archive of 18th and 19 century political papers and treaties pertaining to Iran. More details to follow.

2012 - Member of Nour Festival (RBKC) Steering Committee. Organised a cultural celebration of Yalda and a panel of speakers discussing the Socio/political and historical context of the Arts in Iran.

2012 - Curated a celebration of Norouz for the myriad Festival in Cambridge.

2011- Member of Nour festival (RBKC) Steering Committee. Curated Yalda at Leighton House - a cultural evening to celebrate Iranian culture during the Nour Festival, at the invitation of and with assistance from Alan Kirwan, supported by the Soudavar Foundation and Iran Heritage Foundation.

2009- Working with Iran Heritage Foundation on creating an academically sound accessible educational resource on the history of Iran for the youth on the web. Continuing research at the IoA.

2008- Honorary Research Assistant at IoA, UCL: Developing IAMs Iran website, Researching Ancient Persia within the Uk education system.

2006/07- Assistant to Professor Peter Ucko Director of the International Centre for Chinese Heritage and Archaeology (ICCHA) & Professor Emeritus IOA, UCL.

2006- Assistance in supervision and coordination of the Sixth Biennial Conference of Iranian studies.

2006- Organising poster exhibition and providing posters for ‘Archaeology in Conflict: Cultural heritage, site management and sustainable developments in conflict and post-conflict states in the Middle East’, IoA, UCL.

2005- Production of a website for Iranian metallurgical artefacts housed at the IOA, supported by IHF and IAMS -
(Iranian metallurgical artefacts website)

2005- Organisation and teaching for the IHF School visits programme in conjunction with the British Museum exhibition ‘Forgotten Empire: The World of Ancient Iran’.

2000-01- Joint President of the SAS (Society of Archaeological Students), Institute of Archaeology, UCL.

Academic Presentations

2013 - Public Archaeology Masters Seminar on ‘Archaeology caught in conflict:
Near East and North Africa. Are we doing enough to safeguard past remains,
who does and how do we give value to varied remains and are we accounting for the sites lost or made inaccessible in our interpretative models?’

2012 October -Modern Conflict Archaeology University of Bristol ‘MCA’
Presenting paper entitled ‘Near East: Conflict and archaeology’

2012 April - ‘Lifting the veil’ at Lucy Cavendish College Cambridge,
presented paper on ‘War and Heritage’.

2012 March - ‘Nowruz no war’ panel member on ‘Joining the Dots’
discussed the history and heritage of Iran.

2011 Nov- ‘Iran’s endangered heritage’ paper presented at Leighton House Museum.

2008-Azad University, Tehran, workshop on ‘Tourism in Iran: shortcomings and strengths. (View Paper)

2006- Iranian Prehistory Slag workshop, IoA: “Cataloguing the pyrotechnological remains of the 1968 expedition”

2006- Sixth Biennial Conference of Iranian studies, SOAS: “Scholars and What they Unwittingly Reveal: the Archaeology Survey of 1968 in Iran”

2006- ICCHA Conference, Perking University: “The English Training: a student’s view point”

2006- IOA UCL, “Bam two years after the earthquake, how can IoA get involved”

2005- Iran Bastan Museum: “The Achaemenid exhibition in the British Museum 2005”.

2004- Mazandaran Iranian Cultural Heritage Centre: “Modern archaeological theories and techniques”.

2004- Iran Bastan Museum and Mazandaran Cultural Heritage Dept. “Museology”.