Roya Arab

Iranian Musician and Archaeologist

Strangled Screams II (Arab, R. Hichkas, Reveal)

Reveal’s words:
Mad as it seems
I strangled my screams
Snatched from my sleep
I rapped in my dreams
My plans and my schemes
Happen to lead
Back to the street
Back to deceit
Snakes types don’t practise but preach
And I seen lives get smashed on the street
I seen guys get clapped with a heat
Kidnapped and wrapped in a sheet
These times I rap to a beat
But theres been nights I’ve been mad as a fiend
I strangled my screams
And banned all the scenes
That flow through my mind
Like Plankton in seas
I stamped on defeat
Trampled the scene
Strangled my screams
Stabbed all my dreams
Snatched at my schemes
Wrapped up the seams
That helped shaped me
Like planks from a tree
That helped make me
Like refracting a beam
I strangled my dreams
Strangled my screams
Still roll with the swagger of the street
Cap low but my daggers in my teeth
Smack it when I jack a rapper on the beat
Snatch him from his feet
Its badder than it seems
I back it like a G
Still pack a ratchet in the jacket with a sleeve
But I back it on the beat
Slash it with a passion on the beat
I strangled my dreams
I strangled my screams

(Hichkas lyrics translated by roya arab)

One day, fashionable is fully shaved he says
Another day, he says a long beard
It is not with me anymore
The beard and scissors are in his hands
If you dare, say give it back
Don’t welcome risk too much
Both from above they observe you and from below
Suddenly they may cut your vein, by mistake
So you take heed from this

After the beard and things
I say what of my hair?

None of its good, you give your opinion
He says it’s great
You just lack one thing
Then pulls the wool over my eye

I say, may god replace you with another
Who without tittle tattle
Will sit and see what’s up with me
Not speak loads of drivel
Like humans sit together
Speak at ease
Problems to be solved finally
Water sits heavy on my head
Not one drip, not two
I am fathoms and fathoms below
Jules Verne wrote for me

Our fate is decided
We are slaves
The tired thirsty class
In the other world
Where ever we go
Is heaven for us
Even Rods, nails and razors’ sharp
Devils and things
Screams and things
From beneath hell’s tar is great

I’ve reached the end of my tether
Am pained from within
In front of me peoples’ blood is shed
One dies and another gets paid
Power over head, I won’t sit quietly
I’ll stand to the end, I am irate
My work’s a reminder of adversities
Even when they’re happy
Maybe they still make you sad.